Sunday, August 13, 2006

Didja miss me?

I haven't posted in 3 months. I'm not a writer, nor do I aspire to be. I started this blog to give me a place to talk and maybe to record what was going on in my life. An on-line diary. Not having the impetus of being an aspiring novelist, I gradually lost the motivation to write here. My wife came home and life kinda resumed its normal flow. I obviously didn't have the discipline to keep it up, I'm not sure I'm going to in the future either. I don't really have anything to say to anyone, I'm no one special, why would others want to read my ramblings?
So - do I restart this attempt at an on-line diary?

We will see.

4 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

urban-urchin said...

I say yes. I really enjoy your comments on Antonia's blog and would love to read more from you. So there. one person down- the rest of the internet to go...

Rae'sSecret said...

I enjoy your comments on my blog very much, I hope you'll stick around as well!

Thailand Gal said...

I feel similarly to you. Why bother? On the other hand, why not bother? Go for it. :)


Thailand Gal

Hella said...

Hey Bob, Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for checkin out my HNT pic!!

See ya!