Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have been tagged with the Thinking Blogger Award. I have somehow convinced TWO bloggers that I make them think. Who knew? I am still at the stage of being surprised that anyone is interested in reading my blog. So I am honored that Urban-Urchin and Lex of On Second Thought not only read me, but that I give them pause to consider - or reconsider - why certain things are as they are. I thank you both.

My task today is to pass this forward. I have had a difficult time preparing this list, partially because most of the blogs I read daily are ones that check by here and I don't want this list to be self-selective - and because I just have to be a little different. These aren't in any particular order, I just jotted a few notes as I visited my normal daily/semi-daily reads.

Chani at Thailand Gal challenges me to reconsider the cultural norms of the U.S. as she writes of her progress/struggles in assimilating herself into Thai culture and philosophy.

De at Sober Briquette challenges me with her absolute honesty about herself. She sets a high standard in discussions about ourselves.

I still think of my next thinking blogger as Grannyvibe, but she has a new blogger identity as Lymphopo over at As The Tumor Turns. She is one of the most remarkable people I've run across in the blogsphere. At her former blog she wrote about living in southern Louisiana, racism, etc. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and disappeared for a while, then resurfaced to write about her experiences with cancer. She is amazing.

Sieg Pedde at The Atavist is a fairly new read for me, but in this short amount of time he has really made me reexamine the basis for several of my beliefs. He brings an intellectual rigor to any topic being discussed that I truly respect.

Jen at One Plus Two challenges my heart as she writes about her struggles with her vocation as well as the other roles she finds herself in that maybe she didn't anticipate.

There are so many more blogs I read, I couldn't include them all here. Each has its own unique viewpoint on the world that I appreciate and that brings me back time and time again. In their own way, they all are thinkers and for those not listed above, I extend special mentions! Thank you all for including me in your worlds.

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Thailand Gal said...

Thank you. It's interesting that you mention the assimilation thing. I got an offlist note from a Thai woman, chastising me for "only talking about the US". LOL :)

Grannyvibe is new to me ~ and I can't wait to read it! I have this very strange habit of starting at the beginning and reading all the archives when I go to a new blog. This one will be accompanied by a cup of tea and a mind open to learning. It sounds awesome!



The Atavist said...

Thanks for the nice words, Bob. I appreciate it. Like you, I feel gratified that anyone actually reads my stuff. I like this medium because of its immediacy, spontaneity and freshness. I did a Thinking Blogger post some time ago here: http://atavist.blogspot.com/2007/02/thinking-bloggers.html

Sober Briquette said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks. Absolute honesty is ever so tiring, so Sober Briquette has been suspended indefinitely.

NotSoSage said...

Good calls. I know all of them but Lymphopo...who I'll be checking out.

Bob said...

chani - I have learned a lot from her. I wish that, when she took down her old blog, she hadn't deleted all of her old posts. There were a lot of good debate there. She addressed feminism, racism, relationships, women's body building, gardening, etc., etc,. with the full-blown fervor of a transplanted liberal in a southern, conservative, small-town culture.

Sieg - I too have been taken by blogging. I've been reading them for a few years, but didn't attempt one myself until a short while ago. It has given me a community of people that I can discuss issues with and share things with that I can trust to be received with respect. This is difficult to find and is much appreciated.

De - I will miss you! I hope you will continue to visit and comment.

notsosage - thanks. I wanted to include her because she isn't in this loose confederation we belong to and she has a unique voice.

Lex said...

And thank YOU for playing.

Mother of Invention said...

Some good ones to check out certainly. I am always amazed by how inspirational some people are to me when they come through difficult circumstances that I have never encountered in my sheltered life.

I too had a hard time not excluding anyone so that's why I just did it from The Oldest blogs I'd been reading the longest! I'm so not wanting to offend anyone. Anyway, I do enjoy coming here and think I got onto you from Meno and Maggie.

meno said...

I for one am NOT surprised that you made someone besides myself think. Because of you i have changed how i write a little bit. More inclusive, looking at the world from a bigger viewpoint.

jen said...

damn. i just read that about Sober. damn.

Sorry. Bob. Bob, Bob, Bob. You are a thinker, indeed. Can't wait to read Tumor. A new one for me.

And thank you.

urban-urchin said...

Oh good, new stuff to read! Thanks

Bob said...

Lex - you are entirely welcome!

MoI - you are always welcome to stop by.

Meno - THAT is the best compliment I have been given since I can't remember when. Thank you.

Jen - I think we will all miss De's writing.

Urban-Urchin - happy to serve.

The Atavist said...
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Rhea said...

I like the Thinking Blogger Award because I like reading the blogs that others recommend. Congrats!

Bob said...

rhea - me too! thanks.