Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hello. hello. hello. Is there anybody out there?

Thank you all for being patient with me and for the encouragement, your comments to my last post brought me many a needed smile.

Amusing has tagged me for this @#$%&*! meme, which has caused me much angst. I am not very good at tooting my own horn. It took me some thought go come up with these.

10 Things I Like About Me

  1. intelligent. No rocket scientist here, but moderately smart. If I can’t always grasp the details of something, I can almost always understand the concept.
  2. polite, considerate of others. I cannot remember deliberately saying or doing something to cause someone hurt (since I’ve been an adult). In fact, I will often suffer myself instead of hurting others.
  3. good listener. I often find myself the receiver of confidences and/or a sounding board for someone else’s problems.
  4. loyal & trusting. I take people at face value and trust them until they give me a concrete reason not to – and then I feel as if I’ve been betrayed.
  5. good friend. I have few friends, but I will do almost anything for those I have.
  6. responsible. It is rare that I make a commitment and don’t deliver.
  7. thorough. I can’t stand to do things half-assed. This frequently keeps me from starting something, as I don’t want to not be able to do a good job of it.
  8. open to new experiences. I like trying new things, going places I haven’t been before.
  9. I can see both sides of an issue. I frequently will take up the opposite side of a debate if I think someone is less aware or accepting of the opposing point of view.
  10. thirst for knowledge. I want to know stuff. I like learning new things.
I have to be honest and say that I slip-up on some of these every so often, but these are things I value and am proud of about myself.

I don't generally tag people for memes, so only if the mood strikes, take up the gauntlet.......

12 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

patches said...

I can identify with most of your list but nine and ten are really familiar. I try to over-think multiple views of an issue before I attack it, few things are black and white.I wish it really were that simplistic.

thailandchani said...

Politeness, yes. It's so important!

And I think we all slip up from time to time. :)



Anonymous said...

Yay! You've posted. (If I knew it only took a meme...)

I haven't been reading here forever (hmm, maybe I have), but long enough that there are no surprises on this list. I guess the fact that it was tough for you, but fairly obvious to us (can I speak for the readers?) proves the point of the meme.

#9 - Devil's Advocate, eh? This ever get you into trouble or backfire?

meno said...

I can often see all 16 sides of an issue. It's confusing, but all may be valid, so i understand.

Nice to hear from you sir.

Bob said...

patches - me too. it's funny, when I was a teenager my father and I would get into heated arguments. A few years ago dad told me it frustrated him no end, everything was black and white to me. no gray. Now - everything is gray.

chani - I think it's the south in me. I am ALL about yes sir and no ma'am.

de - you've been around as long as many, longer than most.

I did get into trouble once with my mother-in-law once. Several years ago we were visiting and somehow or another the Israeli-Palestinian conflict came up and I made the observation that the Israelis weren't without their share of blame. MIL went nutso. How dare I cast aspersions against God's chosen people. She was really mad.

meno - it can be frustrating sometimes, I feel I don't have the right to be angry at someone if I understand why they said or did something.

amusing said...

The fight with your MIL!!

I did the same thing with the ex (who's Jewish, family lived in Israel for awhile; we went to visit the grandparents) and I got one of those "what the hell do you know" responses! That right there is part of the key to the problem, it seems to me. (But what the hell do I know?)

Hey -- look how happy everyone is that you posted. #11. Making people happy. Yay for the power of the meme! Bravo, sir.

jen said...

you are a good man, Bob.

jen said...

you are a good man, Bob.

jen said...

you are a good man, Bob.

Bob said...

amusing - I frequently ask myself, what the hell do I know?

I DO like making people happy. who knew folks were so easily satisfied?

Jen - I guess you feel strongly about this. Thank you, and I think the same of you.

liv said...

I lurves me sum larnin' two, Bob. nuthin' maeks this hear suthern gal happyer than sum edyoocayshun.

glad you're back!

Bob said...

Liv - Iza sprized you kud say dat wif dat big ole wad r chawin terbaccy in yur mouf.