Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I don't know about Omnipotence

Daisy has tagged me for this meme and I guess as she commands, I obey (kinda old-testamenty vibe here).

1) If I were an all-powerful being and ruled this world, I would:

Make sure every child was raised in a safe and happy home; well fed and educated to the extent they are capable. This would solve the majority of the problems in the world within a generation.

2) If I could be all-knowing, I would want to know:

The reality of all of the mysteries of the past. Did Nero burn Rome? Who was Lucy’s ancestor and descendants? Was Mary Magdalene Jesus’ wife, the “head” disciple, or camp follower? What did the seven wonders of the world really look like? Did Oswald act alone? Did Atlantis really exist? How is my first love doing? Where are my missing socks?

3) If I could move the heavens and the earth, I would:

Give people the wisdom to peacefully coexist.

4) If I had the power to shift time (or move through time) I would:

Go back and watch the world come into being. Watch the first spark of curiosity in mankind. Watch my children being born. Give people the opportunity to really see their what ifs……

5) If, in my infinite wisdom, I were able to bestow anything on anyone, I would:

Give everyone the ability to be happy.

6) If, looking back, I realized I had goofed when I made the world, I would fix:

How easy it is to hate.

As usual, I won't tag anyone - but if you feel compelled, take this up and link back so we can see.

10 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Sober Briquette said...

These are outstanding answers, Bob. After you get all those answers in #2, write an update, okay?

meno said...

You've got my vote for supreme being.

Would you find my socks too please?

Maggie said...

I love the last one best best best.

But finding the socks would be pretty darn cool too. (Get it darn? - yeah I'm not so hot at puns).

liv said...

bob, if only we could show people how much easier it is to love. too much to hate...such a waste.

Bob said...

De - you'll have to wait for the best selling tell-all. I'll make a mint!

meno - if I could find all of the lost socks I'd agree to being a supreme being.

maggie - yeah - I bet you heard me laugh all the way up there.

liv - there is soooo much energy in hate, just think what could be achieved if it were redirected.

amusing said...

Yay. While you're at it, will you make it so moms have an easier time getting back in the work force? (It relates to the one you wrote about kids being educated, happy, with food, shelter, etc.)

Lee said...

Can I call you GodBob? Or BobGod? You make more sense than any of the current deities.

Bob said...

amusing - I would fix it so that caregivers received a salary commensurate with their responsibilities, and would totally get a fair shake when returning to the corporate world.

Lee - you can call me anything, just don't call me late for supper.

Franki said...


John said...
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