Monday, May 05, 2008

my job

I know that I was lucky to keep my job. One of the options was to outsource all of the IT department. I know that I am better off than those who were told their jobs were eliminated - at least I am right now. I know that I have bills to pay and a family that depends on me to earn a living that keeps us fed and a roof over our heads.

But that doesn't mean that I have to like the changes taking place. Where else can I bitch about it if I can't do it in my own blog?

I think it sucks that people who have worked here a long time, some over 30 years, others who were hired at the same time I was, have been told their jobs are being given to someone overseas. I think it sucks that every time I fly overseas I am making it easier for this company to shut down another domestic plant and between 300 and 400 of my friends and neighbors lose their jobs. I think it sucks that, having seen the costs associated with outsourcing production, this company could've been more competitive and kept on manufacturing domestically - to a certain degree. Outsourcing isn't inevitable.

I see those around me who are going to be leaving send out resumes and know that a difficult time in their lives have just begun, but I also wonder if the jobs they will be getting are more secure than the one I have now. Who's to say that, having made the decision to outsource part of IT, management won't decide next year to outsource the rest of it? How secure is my job?

Yes, there are things I can do about that. I could elect to job hunt myself, look for another, more secure job. I might. But I'm not right now, I'm not ready. I still feel a vestige of responsibility to the people who rely on me and the knowledge I've accumulated over the last 18 years. I'm not ready to fix my house up to sell. I'm not ready to consider a commute knowing the cost of gas and time it would incur. I'm not ready to sell myself to someone else. I'm not ready.

I can elect to have a better attitude about the whole thing. I will have a better attitude about the whole thing. Given some time to accept the change.

But in the mean time, If I've appeared bitchy & whiney in my last few posts, well, dammit, I am for the moment. I'm allowed. its my party and I'll whine if I want to.

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meno said...

Geez dude, you have something to whine about. So whine on.

Mir said...

I could bring some cheese to go with that whine. I always have PLENTY of whine, you know, so I try to keep the cheese handy. ;)

Bob said...

meno - well, okay then - I will.

mir - you're so witty. and understanding, in a cheesy kind of way.

Glamourpuss said...

I think you're more than entitled to complain about the relentless pursuit of profit over people or sustainable development. Go for it. Bastards.


Franki said...

You know Bob, this is what we come here for...your perspective and peeks into your life. I read about outsourcing all the time in the papers, but have not experienced it personally. It's useful and more real to hear your personal accounting.

Bob said...

Puss - yeah. bastards.

franki - the executives who pursue these policies aren't directly affected by them. like pilots dropping bombs, they get to go back to their homes every night and the war is a distant thing.

Rachel said...

hell, bob, of all the things people whine about, this is among the most appropriate things! you deserve to whine, for this is utterly unfortunate and immoral an action your company is taking. The fact is, outsourcing raises a company's stock value (investors and shareholders unaccountably orgasm over the word) despite the costs it involves--both to the bottom line and to the community. The value of the stocks is all that matters to bigwigs--from it comes the golden parachutes, the high salaries, the ginormous windfalls when the shares are sold.

Whine all you want, Bob. Capitalism sucks.

urban-urchin said...

it's whine worthy Bob. People who've worked hard and dedicated their working lives to this company to be summarily shat on is not cool. Whine on brother.

Daisy said...

Hate those easy answers people resort to instead of figuring out how to make a thing work. It's so damn widespread now.

Gov't guy at our meeting essentially talked about pandering to constituents instead of making decisions that are smart and good for the long-term.

Fingers crossed.

Franki said...

that future me email thingie is the coolest. thanks for sharing that!

sexy said...
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