Wednesday, March 29, 2006


JESUS HELP ME 'cause if'n he don't I'm gonna kill her.

My best friend's sister has turned into the most hateful woman.... I can't believe the way she's been acting lately. Her mother hasn't been dead a day and she's already trying to get her share of the money. The last few days before her mom died, when something bad would happen she practically crowed her delight that she was that much closer to her inheritance. My friend is grieving and she's impatient for the moola.

This is the woman who hasn't held a job for a month or two her entire life. She lives in a trailer in her parent's back yard (since before I met her - 26 years ago) and they have pretty much supported her all of her life. I guess she thinks the world owes her a living 'cause she sure as hell don't earn one. She drives her mother's car and I hear they've been putting gas in it for her. She called herself taking care of her parents but only on her schedule. More than once my friend would come home from work at 8:00 pm and find that his mother hadn't had supper - apparently his sister's shift had ended mid-afternoon and she went out to her trailer.

I'm afraid she is going to take advantage of his grief and get him to agree to something to his disadvantage. I wish I could protect him from her. Maybe I can rally the troops and head her off at the pass.

Where's the indians when you need 'em?

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