Friday, January 19, 2007

smile and say "CHEESE"

Laura's birthday is coming up next week. I want to give her a digital camera to take with her to England. We have a 35mm Canon AE1 - it was given to Laura 25 years ago. It still works, but we have film from 10 years ago that hasn't been developed yet. Time to move into the modern age.

This request is a bit late, but I'm looking for advice on which camera to purchase. I'm leaning towards another Canon but there are so many out there I can't really differentiate between them and have no feel for which is better. (I love, but cannot afford, the Canon digital Rebel SLR.)

So - any last minute advice for this last minute request?

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Thailand Gal said...

I wish I had a good suggestion. The only thing I've noticed with mine, and would do differently if possible, is to be able to operate it more easily. Trying to see a little screen showing me how the picture will appear is crazy-making. I'd rather point and click.



Mir said...

This really depends on how much you want to spend, Bob. I have an SLR which I love, but it's too big/clunky to tote around in my purse, so I was delighted when I lucked into a Canon Elph SD550; it's small and does a decent job for what it is. The Elphs are, in general, quite nice and very compact. But they're certainly not the cheapest option.

Mother of Invention said...

You can't go wrong with a Canon! I actually have an Olympus which is good enough for me at $370 CDN. It has a big view window which most people like and the option to look through an old standard viewfinder.

Are you ever going to develop those 10 films?! Aren't you wondering what all is on there? Have you kept them in the fridge or is that just for new film?

Good luck shopping!

Bob said...

Chani - I too like viewfinders, but maybe because I'm behind when it comes to camera technology. I like the through-the-lens viewfinders, which you only get on the top-of-the-line SLR (single-lens reflex)cameras.

Mir - some of the SD and A series canon's are reasonably priced. I'm not a good enough photographer to spend mucho dinero on the digital SLRs.

MOI - I've always liked Canon's. Pentax and Nikon make excellent 35mm cameras. Yes - I do intend to develop the exposed film, I just never seem to think of it. Most of it is in the fridge, with a few rolls here & there. I know - I'm not the most organized guy.

meno said...

For a point and shoot, i love my Canon PowerShot SD700 IS. It has a very cool macro feature on it that i love.

I had a kodak digital before and i did not care for it.

Ianklych said...

Antonia loves her Fuji-film finepix f810 that she got on ebay . It has warm colours and can take wide screen photos, which are great for scenery, seems to have very nippy startup and focus time too. I use to have a little casio Exilim that was very nifty until someone dropped it in a big pile of sand, I liked it because it was small enough to go in a pocket, even with a x3 zoom, took good pictures too.

jen said...

i have no good suggestions as i am technologically impotent.

but emotionally potent enough to say you are a sweet and lovely husband, bob.

urban-urchin said...

I have a Pentax Optio which is nice but has a bit of shutter lag which drives me insane as I take mostly pictures of dynamic objects (children) not static (the extremely aged). I would love the rebel as well. Check out the Optio I got my a few years ago and the price has really come down, the MB has gone up and hopefully they've improved the lag.

Anonymous said...

I had no suggestions but came back to see if I could steal the ideas, but now my head is swimming. My camera is not compatible with my Mac, so it's mostly an in- convenience factor, having to borrow my husband's laptop to work with the photos.

My friend also gets great results with the same Elph recommended above.