Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday Miscellany

The last few days I've been in a funk. Tonight Laura and I had a "get-the-hell-out-of-the-house-we-need-a-break" night. We tried Red Robin for the first time (great burgers, lousy prices) and went to a movie. We saw the new (well, new to me) James Bond - Casino Royale. (we don't get out to the movies very often). It was enjoyable, if predictable. I'm feeling better.

A few days ago we were on the way out the door, going somewhere or another, and Laura asked me to hold on for a sec, she had to visit the restroom. more than a few secs pass by and she FINALLY comes out. I ask what took so long and she responds "I had a heck of a time getting the cat out of my pants."

This past monday we were going to bed, settiing in for the night, and one of the cats jumped up for a snuggle. She started to urp (the cat, not Laura). Laura picked up the cat trying to get it off of the bed before the explosion. She didn't make it (both the cat and Laura). The cat went off like a fire hose, all. over. me. Exclusively. She had just eaten and drank about a gallon of water. Did you know that cats don't chew? Laura is still giggling about it. She told my daughter about it tonight, and Kris laughed for about 5 minutes straight. Yes, I exist for the amusement of my family.

I don't watch much network TV, it's mostly PBS, Discovery Channel, HGTV, BBC America - whatever strikes my interest at the time. The guys I work with are BIG into American Idol, Heros, Dancing With the Stars, Lost, etc. They are usually our lunchtime conversation. I haven't seen any of them, but I am intimately familiar with the plot lines. (On Heros, the man with the glasses is not really the father of cheerleader girl who can heal herself of any hurt, she was given to him to raise - by the father of the chinese guy who can bend time. On lost, the curly haired guy had his own episode and they found a wrecked VW bus. They tried to get it running but no go. On American Idol Simon seems to be meaner than usual and a girl from Georgia is doing really well. And it turns out that Emmett Smith is a pretty good ballroom dancer and that Jerry Springer got a lot of sympathy votes 'cause he stayed on WAY too long. BTW, Joey Lawrence is married a woman that used to live here and worked with my wife. She went west looking for her big showbiz break and viola - she gets on TV as a member of the audience and in the meet the contestants video.) But let me bring up Mystery or American Experience and I am met with blank stares and an immediate reversion to Lost.

We are going Sunday to visit my folks. I have SHAMEFULLY not visited for about a month. There will be food, conversation, and computers. Dad has bought one of the new intel core duo Mac laptops. He has a G3 laptop and a G5 desktop. ?He also has an IBM laptop he bought in a pawn shop because his favorite mapping software only runs on the Windows OS. He and mom have a 5th wheel and he likes to map out their trip using the mapping software, and with a GPS unit it will update their current location on the map. He has built overlays that show all of the campgrounds he's a member of and all of the Flying J's (truck stops where he can get diesel for his truck). The new Macs have a dual-boot capacity so he can run the Mac OS or Windows - just for the mapping. (Dad has been a Mac addict since they came out. I still have his first Macintosh sitting in a closet here - one of the first, all-in-one black & white 9 inch screen) Anyway, he's been calling me this week for help porting his overlays from the IBM to the new Mac. So I am sure he and I will be spending time working on his new 'puter. Maybe he'll give me one of his castoffs!

Oh well, enough of the blah, blah - Eddy Izzard is on BBC. gotta go. Everyone have a good weekend. Cheers.

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Sober Briquette said...

I've arranged for our sitter to come on Sunday so we can go to the movies (has to be in the afternoon, or Tony fears he'll fall asleep.) Unfortunately I don't think there's anything showing we'll agree upon. We haven't seen the "new" James Bond either. Of course, the kids came down with something that sounds similar to what's wrong with your cat, so even though it's a matinee, I'm liable to doze off. Fun times.

Did you watch the show about building the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier? If I've got about a half hour, I usually watch "house hunters." I like to see how real estate prices vary around the country. Of course, here they are ridiculous, so we're not moving until I get back to work, whenever....

Have fun this weekend.

meno said...

I am, unfortunately, familiar with te frantic dance trying to get a pre-hurling cat off of the bed.

I am also an expert in pretending to be asleep while the cat urps on the carpet. Then the Mister gets to deal with it. I am an evil genius.

Thailand Gal said...

Funny story! Thanks for the synopsis of the TV shows. Now I don't feel quite so far out of the loop. LOL



Mother of Invention said...

We don't see many live movies either. Saw An Inconvenient Truth but not the Bond.

My one neurotic cat would be so upset all the time, he'd gobble food too fast and then heave and I could never get the newspaper down fast enough..I'd be chasing him with it!

Neat that you can talk computers with your dad! My parents are too beyond having that stuff at 86.

Have a good one!

Bob said...

De - I hope you can find something. I use movies to escape into another world, I come out afterwards and have to remember what day it is, or what we were going to do next.

I hope your kids don't get to terribly sick.

Yes - I did see the show about the carrier. If I remember right, it will be the last of the Nimitz class carriers. I think ships (and buildings, and airports) should be like coins - you can't get your name on one until you pass away. that gives everyone time to really evaluate whether you are deserving of the honor.

Meno - Laura wants pointers from the evil genius.

Chani - I would invite you to our lunch clach if you weren't all the way across the country. These guys give me the reader's digest version and I don't have to wade through the show itself.

MoI - the new bond has something for both sexes - action and babes for the guys and the unattainable guy attained for the women.

Dad and I developed an entirely new relationship when I married and had kids. I guess since I was out of the house and had the freedom I wanted since my mid-teens he and I could stop fighting. I have a profound respect for my dad that I didn't have until I grew up - and walked a mile in his shoes.

Antonia said...

It's 0215 here and I'm the last one awake as usual: the bit about the cat made me laugh so hard I nearly woke the whole family. Sorry to hear you've got the funk. Hope it's lifting.

jen said...

I've got a sitter lined up for next weekend movieness. and i already can't wait.

hope today was a lot of fun.

Bob said...

Antonia - I am so glad to have made your nocturnal wanderings enjoyable.

The fog is slowly lifting, thanks for asking.

Jen - I remember when the kids were babies - nights out sans kids were few and treasured.

We had a great day. Dad and I, as predicted, spent time on his new laptop. Mom lectured me about the length of my beard. A good time was had by all.

Mother of Invention said...

Yes, another full circle in the new perspective of your dad I expect! I love when that happens. We don't realize what we were like back when we were that young. We couldn't have been much fun to live with!
I'm glad you have a great relationship with your parents now.

Bob said...

MoI. Several years ago Dad and I were talking and he mentioned that it used to piss him off royally that I saw things in black and white. there was no gray in my world. He and I can talk about things now that we couldn't then.

patches said...

Bob, I hope your dad enjoys the new dual core as much as I do (9 months old). I'm a loyal Discovery watcher myself. I haven't watched network television in about two years. I'm kind of curious -- you mentioned Eddie Izzard at the end of your post -- have you considered that new show coming to FX mid-March called "The Riches"?It stars him and Minnie Driver.

urban-urchin said...

I love Eddie Izzard. I worked with him once and he is lovely, AND so insanely funny.

My husband sounds like your Dad. He has a G4 17" (I have the lowly 12") We saw a woman at City Bakery yesterday with the new black mac and I swear my husband sounded like Homer Simpson "Maccccc." He's planning on getting one soon.

Bob said...

Patches - He loves it, and he especially loves the fact that he can trash the IBM laptop.

I DID NOT know that he had a show coming out on FX. I will definitely check it out. Minnie Driver isn't a bad reason to watch a show either.

Urban Urchin - I am so glad to hear he's a nice guy. Too many times you find out the people you like are jerks.

I had been planning on getting one of the new Macs myself, but Laura's trip to England with her sisters was a better deal. Dad loves his - (he stuck with white) your hubs will like his too.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Wow! You did a real public service here. I don't watch any of those shows either, so now I can at least nod knowingly while others prattle endlessly about them.

There is really no way to dissuade a yakking cat from its chosen venue.

Bob said...

Hearts - nope - cat's will be done.

Lee said...

You know, I didn't like cats much to start with and after reading your blog, I've learned that they spray keyboards with urine and yak on yer wife's pants. I think I'll stick with my retarded dog.

On another note, you might enjoy my extremely professionalCasino Royale Review

Bob said...

Lee - wife's pants nothing, it was my back. Laura didn't get a drop. I will agree, though, there is nothing like a dog.

Read the review, can't say that Craig had the same effect on me as he did you. Very professional, extremely detached reporting there.