Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Miscellany

Greetings from the hermitage. Not THE Hermitage but merely my self-imposed monk's cell. I guess my last post drained me of anything I had to say. That, and I've been really busy. I went on a business trip this week(shades of Meno's post), had no internet access at the hotel and had little time for it at the plants I visited.

I really don't have anything of consequence to share. I could discuss the details of the project I was traveling for, but somehow I don't think any of you are interested in how I'm going to add RF scanning capabilities to the receiving, staging, issuing and cycle-counting procedures in my system. No? Thought so. We could also talk about the other project I'm working on - adding the capability for the system to work with currencies other than U.S., and to be able to specify a different currency for each purchase order while maintaining inventory in the host country's currency. The last project is to get me ready to go to Bahrain sometime around April or May. No? Thought not.

Well, what else is going on? I'm watching Mythbusters with the kids. We make fun of the stupid stuff (trying to get a crocodile to chase a quail-festooned robot) and cheer on the explosions (replicating the flammable skin on the Hindenberg). Kris has been spending more weekends at home, I think she learned a lesson last semester about getting involved in too many things causing her grades to suffer a bit.

Boring stuff, I know. Maybe I'll find another meme, easy blog fodder. I'll work on something else to stir everyone up soon. Any ideas?

Have a good weekend!

12 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

jen said...

I, for one, am totally fascinated by RF scanning capabilities. or was it FR scanning facilities? Wait...

Seriously, I am glad you are back. Looking for something to write about, huh...

tell us about that island you lived on...or that other continent that isn't this one.

meno said...

Going to Bahrain certainly sounds interesting enough to talk about. The RF stuff, not so much.


Lee said...

Me and my kids LOVE Mythbusters. Seriously, wouldn't that be the best job in the world?

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

The currency project sounds good. Maybe my old job wasn't so boring.

The first and last mythbusters I watched involved them putting a dead pig in a car and letting it rot. It was so repellent I decided the show was more outrageous than serious.

Thailand Gal said...

It is good to see you back around. Business stuff... no.. not really up my alley but I'd definitely like to hear about your travels.

On the other hand, you could come up with something wacky and controversial.




Bob said...

Jen - I have trouble keeping those two straight too. Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble getting started.

I've been trying to figure out how to talk about those places without writing a novel. I'll figure it out.

Meno - right now all I can tell you about Bahrain is that Michael Jackson has lived there and that the Saudis go there to party on the weekends. Providing I can get to the internet I;ll post about it while there.

Lee - I'd love to take a crack at it. (Plus I have a bit of a thing for Kari.)

De - It has its ups and downs. Making the same change to almost 500 programs is kinda tedious.

I will admit the pig decomposing in the corvette was gross. Figures you'd watch the worst one as your first. I haven't seen anything like that since. It should be safe to try again.

Chani - That's me - wacky and controversial.

I will work up something on some of the places I've lived sometime soon.

Mother of Invention said...

Life kind of mundane right now too. Skiing is almost over for my husband and we finally took down all the wreaths and greenery, now brownery! Just waiting for Spring!

Bob said...

MoI - spring is already here for us. I spent yesterday afternoon digging a small garden for Laura. The kids mowed the front yard (without TOO much grumbling).

Mother of Invention said...

Mowed the lawn??!!! How lucky to be at that stage! We got a short blast of some snow here today! UGH.

NotSoSage said...

Given your last post, why don't you do the "Real Moms" meme that's going around. I wasn't tagged, so I can't officially tag you, but check it out and see if you're in. :)

Welcome home.

urban-urchin said...

I'd love to hear more about Baharian too. (just my two cents)

Bob said...

MoI - yep. Now I've got to rake up the pine cones and mow the back yard. Laura planted peas, cucumbers and some herbs yesterday. Today the tomatoes are going in.

notsosage - I'll check it out and see. thanks for the suggestion.

Urban-Urchin - your two cents are coin to the realm to me! I will be sure to blog about Bahrain when I go this spring/summer. This will be my first (and possibly only) trip.