Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Home again

Back from KC. MIL is about the same. She did speak a few words last Thursday, but not since. Part of me thinks that maybe she's giving up. But I don't know. Speaking has been so much of a chore for her the past few years, the strokes really affected her ability to speak and swallow. But, before the most recent stroke she had been speaking a little. So I'm back to the conclusion that maybe she's stopped trying. It is discouraging.

Despite the circumstances, the stay in KC was great. I really miss my wife and the time we had together - even if it included activities like helping her clean up MIL's bottom - was much needed. We didn't get out much. I had wanted to take off and spend some time away from the house but with MIL coming home from the hospital and schedules having to be reorganized it just didn't happen. We did eat out once or twice but nothing else.

I got back Sunday night. It is taking a few days for me to get rested and back to normal activities. I'm still tired. I made the mistake of taking a nap yesterday when I got home from work and wound up staying up half the night. So - I'm still tired! Duh. It's showing too. During the day, if I take a break, I kinda shut down and am not much company. I went to lunch yesterday with a few coworkers and pretty much just sat there, or got argumentative during discussions on some current events. Ordinarily I don't push issues, I just let it go. I didn't yesterday. See - I'm tired.

Anyway. It's lunch time, so..... see ya.

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