Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy corporate greed day

My wife and I were talking this morning about valentine's day. My gift to her this year is to go home during lunch and bring in the citrus trees as the temperature is dropping. Actually, the way she put it is that my gift to her is that I'm doing her bidding. (I do that every day anyway.)

The last gift I recall buying her for valentine's day (we don't exchange valentine's gifts anymore) was an anatomically correct, life-size & weight chocolate heart. Occasionally when she is told of some piece of jewelry or bouquet of flowers so-and-so got she'll tell them of this. At minimum it causes a pause in the conversation, and not a few raised eyebrows. She reminded me of it last night with a chuckle and suggested that I share this "expression of my love".

Every kiss does NOT start with Kaye. or De Beers. or Hallmark.

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Anonymous said...

You know, that chocolate heart may just help me with my diet by reminding me of clogged arteries. OK if I print it and post it in my kitchen? After I finish the box of Godiva chocolates I have there already, of course.

I encouraged my valentine to take the day off (as we're having a nor'easter anyway) but he declined. Guess he knew he wasn't going to get any attention or get any work done with a 4 and a 1 year old hopped up on chocolate.

Thailand Gal said...

I've always thought Valentine's Day is a crock ~ but would not have been free to say so until recently. It's good to see this attitude becoming prevalent. LOL



Bob said...

De - Definitely after the Godiva chocolates are gone. It would be a SIN to leave those uneaten!

Chani - The longer we are married the more a crock it becomes. When you're dating someone it becomes an excuse to be a bit excessive, make a fuss, etc. Newly weds being a bit insecure tend to make a fuss too. Us old married farts know how we feel, express it often and don't require monetary gifts to prove it.

meno said...

A real chocolate heart! That's wonderful. I wonder if i would feel like a surgeon when i was cutting into it.

Lee said...

I'm gonna just come right out and say it. I am against VD. It's just gross.

Oh, The Joys said...

I think the gesture to come home and care for her trees beats Hallmark hands down.

Bob said...

Meno - scalpel.....sponge....clamp....oops, I dropped it... yep, a real surgeon.

Lee - it's one of those things that on the surface seems sweet - give your s.o. something nice. when you really think about it, it's worse than Christmas - there's no redeeming reason behind the holiday, it's just a reason to spend money.

OTJ - the temp dropped to the low 20's during the day, so the fruit trees as well as my wife agree with you.

Moogie said...

We don't make a big deal of valentines day any more. This year, I gave my hubby a gift card for music for his IPOD and a card. We do go out to dinner though, and usually with the whole family.

Bob said...

Moogie -I admit I was tempted to buy my wife something - some chocolate or a card - despite the ban.

we had pot pies and an irritated son for supper.

urban-urchin said...

where did you find that? My husband would love it, and his birthday's coming up.

Mother of Invention said...

I love this, although I'm not supposed to eat much chocolate! Valentine's Day puts undue pressure on all people with or without sweethearts.
I loved your heart poem on my post! I was going to do a second one like that, in memory of my heart attack last Feb.!! "Failing me in my time of need"...ain't that the truth!
Did you experience a heart episode of some kind too?

Thanks for writing that, Bob.

Bob said...

Urban Urchin - I didn't remember at first (this was a few years ago) but Laura reminded me that I got it from a catalog named Wireless. I did send you a few links, though.

MOI - Laura liked it too. If I remember, it took her a few weeks to eat it all.

Valentine's day can be a real bitch. Laura works with a lot of women, and she heard her share of "if he doesn't get me a [insert most desired item here] he's going to get it" statements. I've noticed, though, that the "older" married folk tend to blow off valentine's day.

I'm really glad you like the poem. I haven't had a heart episode as much, but I do have a heart condition.

Ianklych said...

Hear, Hear! Valentine's day is indeed a bunch of phooey.

Aside :When I read Lee's comment 'I am against VD. It's just gross.' I immediately thought they meant 'Venereal Disease' and thought 'Well, sure, who could disagree with that? but what's that got to with Valentines ... doh!'