Friday, February 02, 2007


For those waiting with bated breath on the big camera project, it has reached a project milestone. The camera was selected and ordered. I decided on the Canon A710 IS. It was $45 more than my original choice - the Canon A630 - but even though the 710 has a 7.1 mega pixel image sensor (smaller that the 8 mega pixel sensor in the A630) it has image stabilization and a few more features. So, the camera is on it's way. I got a free Canon printer with it, and I bought a 1 gig memory card and a case too. They are due to be delivered next week.

(although this was originally intended as a birthday gift, my lack of fore-planning, imagination, whatever, combined with an unanticipated ailment makes this an out-of-the-blue gift. I don't know if it counts.)

In other news, last night my daughter Kris was coming home along a country road and had a blow-out. It was raining and she was worried about changing the tire, it being on the road-side of the car. I told her to pull the car into the next driveway so she could change it safely. I taught each of our children how to change a tire (along with other basic car maintenance) when they got their vehicles. I made each practice in our driveway. So - I was more worried about her having to change it in the cold rain more that anything else. My wife was getting off work at the same time so she rode out to meet her and to make sure everything was going okay. When my wife got there, a gentleman (in the full sense of the word) had stopped to help my daughter and was just finishing up with the tire. I have his card and am trying to come up with a small gift, some way of showing my (our) appreciation at his stopping in the rain and helping my daughter. Maybe a card with a gift certificate. I dunno, I don't want to insult the guy - I know he didn't do it for renumeration. Maybe just the card.

Chivalry is NOT dead!

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Thailand Gal said...

Definitely just the card. Definitely.




meno said...

Card and a bottle of wine? No money or gift card (they're really money too.)

urban-urchin said...

That's so nice. I think a small gift would be thoughtful and very unexpected (which makes it all the nicer). A gift card to a coffee or tea place maybe?

Mother of Invention said...

Wow! What a nice happening featuring the kindness of others. I'd probably send a card/noe with $5 of Tim Hortons coupons, or whatever you have..Starbucks ..)
You are one smart dad teaching your kids all about car maintenance. I have no idea how to do that. Guess I'd call my husband or the CAA...IF I could remember how to use the cell phone!

(I just switched to New Blogger and it lost everyone's names on comments! They're all Anon!)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I think just the card, with a heartfelt note would be enough. I have had this happen to me on one occasion and (seeing as my father did NOT teach me how to change a tire) I was immensely grateful!

Patience said...

Since he left a card, a response is definitely in order! Starbucks is a good idea! (It might be a good idea for your daughter to send the card instead and you could add a personal note too!)

[Mother of Invention, for some reason everyone's names were lost when changing to New Blogger. Not sure why!]

Lee said...

If I put myself in this gentleman's place, I think just a nice card with a heartfelt note would be most meaningful to me. What a nice story!

And thanks for visiting!