Thursday, September 20, 2007

.....finish last?

damn. I can't believe it's been two weeks. I am all scattered these days.

I am so scattered, in fact, it has taken me a week to acknowledge that Liv was sweet enough to give me this:

she is, of course, utterly delusional - but as she's been under a wee bit of stress lately, what with the moving and being near-death with the crud and all, I'll not burst her bubble.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I've always been the nice guy. I.e. not the one the girls fight over, but the one they complain to when he didn't pick them. So I suffer silently and hold their hand and tell them what a jerk he is not to recognize what a great catch she is and that he's not worth it anyway.


I have just spent a gajillion dollars on plane/car reservations for our trip to Kansas City. We are spending Christmas with Laura's family this year. It'll be the first trip since Laura's mom passed away and it'll be.....weird. I offered Laura a chance to go over labor day weekend and she wasn't ready for that first trip back yet. But by December I think enough time will have passed,Laura will have had time to prepare and having her family around will help. Maybe it'll be a white Christmas!

P.S. What exactly is in that picture? It looks like a woman's bare back w/brastrap and a ?knee? in the foreground, or maybe she's got scoliosis and has an extremely narrow posterior?

15 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

urban-urchin said...

Hi Bob! Glad to hear from you. Yes you are a nice guy but everyone gets tired of the assholes after a while but nice guys are there for the duration.

Bob said...

u-u: so, I'm the lifetime movie of the week?

liv said...

I was just watching the beginning of the 2nd Bridget Jones movie and thinking that if I could find a nice guy to put up with crazy me then I'd be pretty happy.

You are nice. Nice does matter. And some girls (like your wife) are smart enough to snap the nice guys up.

Bob said...

liv - pshaw. thanks, I'll make sure to remind Laura of this the next time I piss her off.

I have no doubt you'll meet your own Mark Darcy soon.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I still haven't responded to this award either. I am working on it, and in the process I looked it up, being confused myself about the different buttons & all. Something Baby Blue wrote a rather acidic post about "niceness" (not unlike yourself), so she recreated the button, claiming nice is sexy. Work it!

Bob said...

De - well, I was trying for sarcasm, not acidity! I read Something's post and like the new button much better.

workin' it, baby!


meno said...

Darcy's first name was Fitzwilliam. No wonder they changed it to Mark for the movie.

Anyway, i am now wondering what the hell that button really is too.

Someone called me nice once. Once. :)

You are nice. And i mean that in the nicest way.

Bob said...

Fitzwilliam? no wonder she took so long to hook up with him. with a name like that.....(I bet he got beat up a lot as a kid).

I think YOU'RE nice - in a direct, no nonsense way.

jen said...

we could all use mre nice. nice IS sexy.

Bob said...

jen - you could USE one, but do you WANT one to take home?

I was always a hit with their moms. just not always with them.

Mother of Invention said...

Laura and I are lucky...we both got nice guys!

And when I first saw that sign, I thought it said Nice Mattress! (must be tired!) Well, you probably have one of those too! HA!

patches said...

I wonder what this says about my Missus Chica? She took NICE home and she's enjoyed his company whether she wore the fishnets or the hip waders.

As long as you went home with the right person when it mattered, Bob, I wouldn't consider NICE to be a handicap ; )

Lee said...

bob ~ i just wanted to write to complain and cry on your shoulder about this big dickhead who totally left me hanging. he had a big penis, a bad-ass motorcycle and a pompadour. why doesn't he love me?


amusing said...

Fitzwilliam? One could always just go with the William part and call him Will or something.

In Scotland, someone set my up with a Sinclair -- "Sinky" for short. Now what's a gal to do with that? Sinky?

Hurray for nice guys!
(Sinky wasn't much. I sat there wondering if I could convincingly do a fake faint and be able to go home....) (Does that make me officially not nice?)

Bob said...

MoI - nice mattress! HAHAHAHAHA.

patches - hipwaders, huh? whatever floats your boat.

I was lucky, I was snatched up by the right girl.

lee - lee, lee, lee. he didn't deserve you. he had a different girl on that bike every day. and don't believe everything you hear about his size - if it'd been that big he would've had to ride side-saddle. plus - who wears a pompadour these days? he'd pay more attention to his hair than to you. you're better off without him. now give us a big hug. better? isn't that sweater just too hot? why don't you take it off......

amusing - sinclair, huh? I don't think there's an acceptable nickname for it.

no, that you didn't actually fake the faint makes you a really nice person. you are probably a much regarded high school memory for Sinclair.