Thursday, September 06, 2007

watching the tide

I figured I'd better write something here before the lock seizes up from rust and I cannot get in anymore.

It seems I have an inexhaustible supply of exhaustion lately, coupled with a complete lack of anything interesting going on. net effect, nothing blog-worthy for blog about. I guess I could say that Pat Benetar still has decent chops and was enjoyable despite, or maybe because of, the rainstorm. and that my wallet is now pink on one side, with the cordovan dye washed out of it (and into my pocket lining instead). and that when people started leaving my semi-drunk friend started calling them names, yelling that a little rain never hurt anyone (we'd both had about a six-pack by that time). and that we changed clothes behind the car, in the dark, hoping that no-one would enter or leave the parking lot, so of course while I was changing my idiot friend opened his door, turning on all of the interior lights just as someone was walking through the parking lot (poor guy, saw more than he was expecting....).

but that is boring stuff to anyone but him and me - just another war story to bore other people with next year.

I guess waiting for inspiration to strike, for something I think is interesting to anyone other than me, is turning into this miasma of nothingness that is my blog. I miss the interaction with y'all, writing the occasional comment on your (collective) blogs just ain't getting it. There's a few people I am worried about, De being sort-of overwhelmed with moving, Liv closing on her first house and moving, J seems to have found a mass in her breast, Egan having his world turned upside down and is anticipating separation anxiety (his), Scott's sister having cancer and his just having lost his dearest canine friend, Chani needing to find a community of like-minded thai-ists, etc. I don't say much lately, 'cause whatever I try to say comes out trite in the face of whatever is going on.

don't get me wrong, there's good too - amusing kicked some grad-school butt and is now available to be snapped up by some forward thinking company, grannyvibe has kicked cancer's ass, her 6 month MRIs are clear, meno is her usual, imperturbable self (except when being mistaken for someone ready for an AARP membership), Mir is slowly learning how to be a southern belle, Jen is finding unexpected joy in a 3 year-old package, etc.

And here I am, sitting on the bay watching the world cruise by on it's way to wherever it's going.

I'll be here when it gets back.

20 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Rachel said...

Hey Bob!
Welcome back!

You know, for someone who has nothing to say, I thought this was a great post: a great introduction to the people you read, so thanks! I'm gonna go browse their sites after I'm done posting at you (lol).

Furthermore, what do you mean that the concert and inadvertent flashing incident is "boring stuff". What the heck? This sounds like a FANTASTIC tale. I want details, bob-o. Did your poor victim scream like a girl???????

Anyhoo, Welcome back to the blogosphere, dearie.

meno said...

Hey there bob! I cruised by your place this morning to see if you were still kicking. Glad you are.

Imperturbable? Hah. But it does have 5 syllables, so that's cool.

Mother of Invention said...

I have learned to enjoy the lulls for all hell could break loose at any moment. It's okay to have just not much happening for awhile...a no-blips-in-the-radar-screen period where we just observe others. maybe that's when you can really get into others' spaces and empathise or whatever.
Anyway, with your trip coming up and kids' new routines, all that is bound to change. Enjoy the drifting.

jen said...

hello Bob, old friend. i've missed you. and you know, listening is good too.

and hey, exhaustion? i hope that ends soon. am a bit worried about you.

Moogie said...

Hi there Bob! Welcome back! I check regularly here for updates and was so happy to find one. For someone with nothing to say, this was quite a good post. We'll be here when you return, never fear. Sometimes, it's nice to get some time off. It was a nice surprise to see you over at my place today. Take care of yourself. I'm worried about you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

We're getting there, although it's been an exhausting week that ended rather abruptly when I returned from picking Fiona up at school to find my mother with a huge gash in her head from falling down the stairs at the new house. She's OK, but I feel so terrible! And grateful that she's OK.

Hang in there yourself, and thanks for letting us know how you are once in a while.... I know from my last couple of posts (well, OK, ALL of them, because I'm a big whiner) just how great the support is from fellow bloggers.


Bob said...

rachel - not many details left to tell about the concert - we had tickets for the lawn and, of course, it started pouring down middle-ways through the concert. We tried to shelter under some mats, but all that did was filter the water, not shed it. When changing afterwards into dry clothes, the unwitting peeping tom didn't scream at the sight (I don't know why, he certainly had good reason) he did stare longer than necessary.

meno - thanks for remembering me & stopping by, I'm glad you did. imperturbable - I have this idea of you as being a calm, quiet person living in a pool of calm.

MoI - we are settling into a different routine with Kris returning to university for her junior year. I agree quiet is good, but too much quiet isn't if I'm to remain a part of this community.

Jen - and I've missed you too! Don't worry too much, one thing I've learned about these things is that I always drift through. Thanks for worrying though, it's always good to know people care.

moogie! don't worry too much, I'm a survivor. I don't say much these days, but I'm checking in on ya'. Thanks for checking on me.

De - I'm so sorry your mom got hurt, I'd feel that way too if it were my mom with the gash on the head. If nothing else, your weekend can only get better!

Thanks for stopping by.

urban-urchin said...

Hello, hello HELLO! BOB! (think the "NORM!" from Cheers bit)

Nice to have you back! Pat Benatar rocks it hard and I would have paid money to see you and your tipsy friend heckling people.

Write whatever dude, we're still here.

Bob said...

urban-urchin - you'd've gotten your money's worth, I couldn't stop laughing.

I'll come up w/something.....

liv said...

oh, thanks for noticing my worried self. i'm turning inward and going to plow through the week ahead. there's nothing like stress to make you not want to blog or read blogs...

Bob said...

liv - well, then, I'm glad you took the time to stop by and notice me noticing you! I hope you find oasis of calmness in the stressful week ahead.

Susanne said...

I'll still be here when you'll be coming back. And it's always very considerate to write something once in a while.

There are non-blogging times for all of us. Though I'd say there were at least two or three stories on your "non-post" that would have merited a post of their own. But you don't have to.

Bob said...

Suzanne - thanks. I thought about writing about the concert and probably should have but didn't think I could make it interesting for y'all. the stuff I mentioned in this post were the highlights.

Lee said...

Bob, we all have those slow moments. Enjoy them...we'll all be around when you come back. Where would we go?

Bob said...

Lee - I will commence basking immediately.

amusing said...

I for [more than, it seems] one, am immensely amused by the recounting of the nearly nekkid parking lot incident -- and for all you know, the driver of the car passing by went home and wrote it in his/her blog...

And, let me also point out that I am also available to be snapped up by some, well, "thinking" man. We'll put it that way.

And -- um, boring posts? I wrote about walking on the sidewalk today. Beat that if you can.

Bob said...

maybe I should google nearly nekkid man in parking lot to see if anyone blogged it - and post a comment.

from your post, your available to be snapped up by coffee drinkers too.

p.s. I didn't find your post boring.

JCK said...

Hi Bob,

I've discovered your Blog through Liv's Blog. Congrats on the Nice award. It is incredibly difficult to Blog when you're stressed, but when you come back I'll look forward to stopping by here again. Nothing boring about just showing up on the page. That's what it's about, isn't it?

By the way, do you know about the band MOFRO, originally out of Jacksonville? Their first CD Blackwater has a great song called Ho Cake that reminds me of the title of your Blog. Check it out. And hang in there.

Emily said...

Here from Liv. You do seem rather nice.

We all have lulls in our writing. Lulls in our lives for that matter.

And I once went to a very wet Peter, Paul and Mary concert.


Bob said...

jck - thanks for stopping by. I hope to actually have a blog sometime soon that people can continue to visit.

I haven't heard of MOFRO, but I'll will hunt them up and see what's what.

emily - *blushing* thank you. I do try. Thanks for stopping by to say so.