Friday, June 29, 2007

8 Things meme

At first I thought I could maybe come up with 8 interesting things about me to share, but the longer I worked on the list the more it became just 8 things about me. I had to struggle to actually come up with 8 things period, but I am nothing if not stubborn so here are 8 things.

  1. when I was a young teen I used to sneak my mother's romance novels from her room and search for the sex.
  2. from when I was 4 until I was 8 I lived in germany. I spoke german idiomatically (purely in self defense, we lived in a german village and all of my friends were german) but remember virtually none of it. whenever I struggle for a word in any foreign language now, german pops to the top. I have learned (and mostly forgotten) german, spanish, pidgeon greek, and arabic - so far.
  3. I have long white nose hairs that I have to pluck. (related to this?)
  4. I have recently pretended to remember someone when I didn't have a clue. (I have a terrible memory for names, too.)
  5. I am told that I am distantly related to Jimmy Carter (via the marriage of a (now deceased) great aunt). I haven't presumed on that supposed relationship, but I would dearly love to meet him.
  6. I hate to perpetuate a stereotype, but I think farts are funny. And I have denied that it was me, even though it was.
  7. Once, when I was in college, I had "exclusive" relationships with 3 women at the same time. (I am not particularly proud of that, and have not done so since.)
  8. I will tell you that your supper was excellent even if I had trouble choking it down. ('cause my momma raised me right.)

20 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

meno said...

#1 In my case it was my dad's sex manuals.
#3 Um. Thanks for sharing?
#6 Haven't we all?

Mother of Invention said...

We've all passed off our frts on others I'm sure!

What about Pig Latin?!!

3 at once? Man you must have lied well and got around fast to keep this up for even a week! Tricky stuff! I'm glad you haven't done that since!

Bob said...

Meno - I feel sure now that, should we ever meet, you'll be suriptitiously checking my nostrils for strays.

MoI - I never mastered pig latin - kayoa?

yeah, 3 at once. It lasted 3 - 4 weeks. Kinda tense, here and there. I was glad when it was over.

jaded said...

#1- What no national geographic in the house?
#2- I forgot two years of Spanish, which I conveniently remember after a pitcher of margaritas.
#6- Do you have a dog?
#7- You rascal!
#8 - We just might have the same mama.

thailandchani said...

This is funny! A funny eight things to read this afternoon. Thanks. :)



Anonymous said...

Bob, the cool thing about memes is that they're always interesting. Like finding a piece of jigsaw puzzle you've been looking for when it looks completely different than you expected.

I'm tagged for this one, too, and it's harder than I would have thought.

amusing said...

I have papers I've written in Spanish and in French and I have no clue what they say now.

Bob said...

patches - we had plenty of national geographic, but at a certain point you need more than the occasional nekkid aborigini - they don't have throbbing pounders (or is that pounding throbbers, I can't seem to keep that straight).

and my dog lives outside, so I can't blame him. And believe me, cat farts are soooooo much worse. You should know that!

Chani - I am glad you were amused! That is what I was aiming for.

De - for me they fill in some missing pieces - or sometimes make you aware of the gap in other places. In any event, I like them too. Good luck with yours, it took me an hour or two to come up with those.

Amusing - My dad has some reel-to-reel tapes of me speaking german made when I was 5 or 6 years old, and I cannot understand a syllable. kinda sad, realizing how much I've forgotten. College text books make me feel the same way!

urban-urchin said...

farts are funny. period. #7-was one of the women Laura?

Bob said...

urban urchin - #6 yes they are, which is why one of the all time best scenes in a movie is the campfire scene in blazing saddles. It still brings tears to my eyes.

#7 - nope, I met Laura after college, while we were both in the Air Force. I have been 100% faithful to her.

Lee said...

I found a copy of the Happy Hooker in my parents coffee table. That was a scary first looksie for a sheltered Catholic girl, lemme tell you.

Bob said...

lee - your folks kept the happy hooker in the coffee table? that should've provided a few topics of discussion for visitors at your house!

Robin said...

Bob.....first time i've visited your blog.

I liked your 8 things about you and found we have several things in common; mainly, our age and that fact that i too, have noticed those annoying white hairs. where they are located, i will not disclose. Alas, i have a full head of hair, which is fortunate, as I am a woman. I read my own books for the sex scenes (i matured early).

I had nearly decided to make you my blog husband. Then I read your posts about cars ( stuff) and your touching post about your wife. Also, I like soupbeans & cornbread, but not greens..yeech. Ah, well, single i stay.

Can't wait til hear about your trips overseas.....they're sure to be interesting and fun!

Bob said...

robin - welcome! I too did not mention the other places those pesky grays may or may not be. I will admit collard/turnip/mustard greens are an acquired taste for some, but I was raised with them. Sorry that these differences are keeping us apart.

I can't wait to hear about my overseas trips too, they keep getting postponed.

Thanks for coming by.

Lynnea said...

#1 - I stole Lady Chatterly's Lover from my brother's room for this purpose. Funny he wasn't supposed to have this book either. He must have bought it in secret and somehow I found his hiding place.

#2 - Sometimes when I'm trying to make a sentence in French, Spanish pops out.

#8 - You better hope you don't get invited over a second time for the same meal!

Girlplustwo said...

you totally made me laugh with these, bob. totally.

Bob said...

Maggie - I ran across lady chatterly when I was in college and - yep - I skimmed looking for the sex! (I hear that a new version of the movie is coming out); if the company was good the first time, I will probably find a way to make it through dinner a second time.

Jen - excellent! we strives to please.

amusing said...

I came to see if you'd moved on from white nose hairs. Maybe to a post on possoms with white nose hairs. But I see we are still talking dirty books and the like. Fine. I used to sneak a look at my dad's Playboys. And once we found something even raunchier that some sailors must've tossed out of a car (Navy housing days). Nanette said I had to keep it in my room so we could look at it more later. Guess who got caught? Damn that Nanette got me in so much trouble.

amusing said...

And what kind of family names a daughter Nanette anyway?

Bob said...

amusing - I thought if I waited long enough you'd spill the beans.

I don't think my dad every had any porno, at least none that I could find. There was a convenience store we used to go to called Dirty Mike's that would sell it to us teenagers.

them nanettes will get you every time. you know there's a musical called No, No, Nanette. there's a good reason for it.