Friday, July 06, 2007

TGIF - I think?

***edited, go to bottom***

here's a summary of how my week has gone:

Saturday - I installed a window and prepared the wall for the siding.

Sunday - biweekly visit to mom & dad. left mid-afternoon to start on siding and the flooding commenced. got donuts instead.

Monday - sunny all day, left work to start on siding and it started sprinkling. just enough to keep the weeds growing, and to prevent wall construction. ate rest of donuts.

Tuesday - ditto, except with jello & cool whip.

Wednesday - work from 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM putting up siding. fell off of ladder onto old A/C window unit, huge scratch and massive bruise on thigh. (very impressive, too. I'd post a picture but it frightens even me, I don't want to make the internets green around the gills).

Thursday - find out daughter's laptop battery won't hold a charge, take out second mortgage to buy new one. ipod will have to wait until I can spare a kidney.

Friday - come home, plug my cell phone in to charge - it won't charge. battery almost dead. (there are numbers in there I don't have anywhere else and don't know how to replace). time for new cell phone? start on trip to visit hardware store and cell phone store and supper and car breaks down halfway between towns on interstate - in a almost dead spot for cell signal. it starts to rain. do the bizarre-gestures-like-for-surrealist-painting-find-cell-signal-pose and yell into phone and redial umpteen times to call for tow truck & daughter to come get us. (knew there was a reason I kept up the roadside insurance w/Laura's cell phone.) wait 1.5 hours for tow and when it finally arrives and is being winched up onto the truck a part falls out from the engine compartment. take car to shop, resume interrupted trip for hardware getting to the store 20 minutes before close and do my best O.J. Simpson airport impression to get stuff (on opposite sides of cavernous building - of course) - and finally eat supper.

tomorrow - find out if it will take an arm or an arm and a leg to fix the car, start putting the trim back up around the eaves to finally finish wall, and hope I can stay on the damned ladder this time.

if I don't surface after the weekend, you'll know it was 'cause one more incident pushed me over the edge and my head exploded. send CSI over, it will take a whole team to find what's left of my sanity.


I decided (at her insistence) that since urban-urchin was brave enough to show her injuries, mine couldn't be ALL that bad, so:

actually, it looks better today than it did a day or so ago.

also, I want to leave you with an exchange between the tow truck guy and Laura:

TTG: What year is this jeep?

L: 1988

TTG: And it's still running. (in an admiring tone)

L: it was until a few minutes ago.

20 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

thailandchani said...

Unbelievable! Isn't that how it always goes with those gadgets? Laptops, cell phones, etc.

Planned obsolescence. Too bad it all had to happen at once.

And the bruise? You're right. We'll take your word for it. :)



urban-urchin said...

Ugh- I am sorry. It always happens like that doesn't it? Maybe you could get a new Iphone (Ipod and cell in one!)

Post the picture- I posted my face when I fell I'd like to see your injury! (I'm weird I know)

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking butterfly thoughts to keep you light and up on the ladder. I'm glad nothing worse happened when you fell. I'm all nervous now. (Does Laura hover around with her fingers ready to dial 9-1-1 like I do? It's better if I just vacate the premises.)

Jello and cool whip - that's light and airy, too.

meno said...

Ha ha ha ha. Too busy laughing to sympathize.

This is why i never attempt home repair.

amusing said...

Dear Job:
Mmmm. Donuts.

Bob said...

chani - all I know is that in my house, everything goes bad at once.

urban-urchin - I'm thinking about taking a picture, but Laura is afraid I'd use it as proof of domestic abuse.

de - Laura has to leave or put on loud music when I work on the house - she can't stand it.

meno - yeah, I was laughing too - in between the tears.

amusing - the only good part of the week.

Mother of Invention said...

And we'll send over more donuts too! Man, what a week you've had! Aren't you going away soon?

Hope things get better.

Bob said...

MoI - donuts are ALWAYS welcome! (I hope things get better soon too).

my trips have been postponed AGAIN. I'm not sure now when I'm going. They keep this up and it'll be a year since I was originally scheduled to go. humph.

Moogie said...

Oh my word. You really had a tough week and your injury looks seriously BAD. :( I think you deserve to lay on the couch for a day and eat donuts so you can heal faster.

thailandchani said...

LOL at Laura's comment.

That injury does look bad.. and as Moogie said, I hope you'll relax and let it heal.



Lynnea said...

Well they say bad things happen in threes. I think you're covered for a while, don't you?

Laura is a quick-wit, lol.

Bob said...

moogie - I can't mow my yard lying on the couch with a donut in my hand. (if I only had a riding mower, I could mow & rest & eat donuts. mmm.)

Chani - like I need another excuse to sit on my behind and do nothing! It really is healing well, I just have to be careful to not bump my thigh into anything.

maggie - only three's? I think I've got next year covered.

Laura does have a highly-polished sense of irony.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Dude, need a trip to Vegas? If you don't win at the poker table, at least the price for kidney is higher in Vegas, and solve all cellphone, car issues.

urban-urchin said...

Youch! That looks really painful- sorry. And Laura is really funny.

Bob said...

rmh - with my luck, the plane to vegas would lose an engine. after a trip to reno I have determined that the only good thing about casinos are their food. The lobster roast at the golden nugget is to die for!

Thanks for coming by.

uu - yeah, it's a little sore. Laura's pretty sharp that way.

Stucco said...

You call that a bruise? Ha! :)

meno said...

Nice undies. :)

Bob said...

stucco - Ha! (that's a hell of a bruise). I see your bruise, and raise you a .........

meno - they say "flammable gas".

Mother of Invention said...

That wound looks horrible!

I just fell off my bike (what a Klutze!) last weekend and I have some pretty wicked bruises due to all the blood thinners I'm on for my heart! What a pair we'd be with pics posted on the same blog!

Bob said...

MoI - well, it felt as bad as it looked! Sorry to hear about your incident. I think we'd definitely scare off the internet with combined pics!