Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a meme is a meme is a meme

as I lie here on my deathbed, up to my eyebrows in used tissues and empty packets of @#$%$!@$%good for nothing cold remedies I am reminded I have been tapped on the shoulder for the two's meme. As I have been reminded that I don't turn down courteous requests (read: sucker for a pretty face and easily susceptible to flattery) I hereby present my answers:

1) Two names I'm willing to answer to: Bob and Robby

2) Two things I'm wearing right this very minute: t-shirt and flannel lounge-wear.

3) Two things I want in a relationship: honesty and loyalty.

4) Two of my favorite things to do: be with Laura, spend time with my friends.

5) Two things I want very badly at the moment: access to the cure for the common cold, the willpower to do what needs to be done.

6) Two people who I think will fill this out: Idon'tknow and Idon'tcare

7) Two things I did last night: go to the grocery store, blog

8) Two things I ate today: chicken fingers with rooster sauce, Beef & vegable soup.

9) Two people I last talked to: Laura and a perky co-ed from my alma mater wanting money.

10) Two things I'm doing tomorrow: ordering rebuild kits for the faucets in our tub and sink, write a weekly status report at work.

11) Two longest car rides I've ever taken: well, if you define this as longest continuous car ride (no overnight stops) then it would be the 15+ hour drive between here and Kansas City last year (several times last year) and the 14 hour drive between Baltimore and Kansas City. If you include overnight stops, then from Georgia to California when I was ?10? and from California to Texas when Laura and I first married.

12) Two most favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are both celebrated with family.

13) Two most favorite beverages: a cold pitcher of beer shared with my best friend, a bottle of Brut champagne shared with Laura.

14) Two people no longer living I'd like to talk to: My great grandfather - he was born in the 1880's and lived until the mid-'70s. I'd love to have him tell me what it was like to live through world-war I, the roaring 20's, the depression, world-war II, etc. all in rural Georgia. Thomas Jefferson - he was one of the last true renaissance men. He was a man, a husband, a farmer, a slave-owner, the author of the declaration of independance, an ambassador, a governor, a president, his library was the kernel of the library of congress, an architect, a vintner, a lawyer, a ruthless politician, a man who thought there should be little if any central government but was the first president to consolidate power into the presidency - I could go on, and I see that I have gone on for far too long.

10 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Lynnea said...

get off death's doorstep and quit ringing the bell.

you are a very succinct meme-er. I like the sound of flannel loungewear. It brought to mind a guy in some kind of weird flannel suit sitting at a piano in a dive bar casino in Vegas. Heh.

Bob said...

maggie - strangers in the night, exchanging glances.....

Liv said...

exactly what Mags said. enough with the sick. i thought i had been being sick enough for everyone around here.

amusing said...

I, on the other hand, will pull the covers up around your chin and tell you that I will bring you some hot tea with lemon and some of my dad's honey in it.

You just settle in and have a snooze. What are you doing blogging anyway? (Bonus points and a sparkling medal for doing the meme -- totally above and beyond the call of duty when ill)

Oh, and The Committee is currently discussing the similarities and differences between the words "honesty" and "trust" since you, meno and I all used one or the other in our meme answers.

Bob said...

liv - I hadn't planned on a competition - I guess It's my turn to take up the baton.

Amusing - I knew I could count on you, dear, for a nice cuppa. (I can't sleep ALL day, so I check up on y'all as I can.)

JCK said...

I hope you are feeling better by this time. I agree - very succinct with your 2 things meme. I always manage to go on and on...

Bob said...

jck - too succinct maybe? everyone has mentioned it.

Rachel said...

hey. this is a cool meme. I might tackle this next week.

Great answers. Hope you feel better soon. Look on the bright sideL: at least you dont have the norovirus.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I hope you're feeling better by now, Bob.

There are questions I would like to ask Thomas Jefferson, too, mainly how he reconciled having slaves with being a notably brilliant man who was capable of individual thought.

Right with you on honesty and loyalty, without which there can be no real relationship.

Bob said...

rachel - I don't think I want to know what the norovirus is.

Hearts - thanks, I'm feeling almost human again. I too wish we knew that. Also, for a man as devoted to his wife as he was, he has several children by one of his slaves?

I guess Jefferson was just a man, with the dichotomy that goes with it. A product of his times.