Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New.....well, luke-warm, no actually cold like a dead fish new year

Sorry for the absence, but I kinda took a break from writing this blog when we went on vacation to spend Christmas with Laura's family. We had a great time, (almost) everyone was doing great. I got to meet my new nephew and he is quite the handsome young man I must say. His sister is a precocious two-year-old who likes PINK! Everything must be PINK! She wanted a train set for Christmas (PINK!) but Santa didn't find it until after, so it will have to be a birthday gift (if she remembers that long).

All in all our trip to KC was great. There was lots of snow (great) but a good bit of ice (not so great) and lots of family (super-great). We got to see everyone and still had time for the new museum addition and BBQ! Twice, even. Laura and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary while there (I'll have to check, if I haven't related the tale of our wedding I'll have to do so sometime). We're a bunch of old farts, all we did was go out to dinner (japanese steak house, the only part of which Laura talks about is where they were tossing shrimp into the upturned mouths of customers). We are planning to make our 25th an event with a trip to Greece (where our marriage took off and the kids were born). Anyway, we had fun in KC and left it as we found it - being snowed on.

After we got home I almost immediately got sick. AGAIN! The nerve of those cold bugs, hitting me before and after Christmas. This time it is even worse. I went from having a sore throat to thinking I was going to die from the pain every time I coughed, to loosing my voice (some people count that as a positive!) to being a lethargic, unproductive lump up until today, when I am a merely partly productive lump. I am attempting to work today (although I don't know if my boss thinks so or not) but I am not sure I will last the day out. To top it off, one of the meds the doctor gave me is playing havoc with my prostate and urinating has become somewhat a chore. (I know, TMI, but if I'm suffering, so will you) So, who knew the price to pay for getting my voice back was restricted water works.

In brighter news (and not so personal) this weekend I am meeting with my best friend and his clan (or maybe just his girlfriend - I don't know yet) to do Christmas/New Years/birthday(his). No drunken debauchery as we both are driving but I think we'll manage to have fun.

I'm sorry for having dropped off of the face of the earth, I don't have but a few readers as it is to risk losing them for lack of presence - I promise to do better. cross my heart and hope to... well, no need to go that far.

13 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy your trip and family visit, and that you're recovering enough to hang with your friend this weekend. Feel better.

MitMoi said...

I'll hang in there ... we all take breaks!

meno said...

Hi there.

No harm no foul, plenty of other people have stepped up and are posting often to make up for your quiet.

All the same it's nice to hear from you.

Lee said...

What?! You chose to spend your limited time with your family instead of the blog world?!

Good for you!

Happy New Year Bob!

Liv said...

Bob, well you haven't been absent to me, and me's all that counts to me, so you've made me v. happy. you're a good egg.

slow panic said...

welcome back. hope that cold clears up completely and soon. annoying little bugger that it is.

Lynnea said...

And I was thinking it was rather considerate of the cold bugs to take a vacation during your Christmas visits...

Breaks can be good, and homecomings are fun. Welcome home!

Susanne said...

Please, don't be sorry for not writing on your blog. A) it is supposed to be fun, and b) like meno said, other people have been making up for it.

But I actually was very happy to see that you had a new post up.

Happy New Year to you too. (And I hope you'll be well again soon.)

Bob said...

De - thanks. I'm slowly getting better.

mitmoi - by my fingers & toes! Thanks for stopping by.

meno - I usually like to carry my own load, but since I've been sick....

Lee - Happy happy to you too!

Maggie - thanks, I'm slowly coming back.
Liv - you're a sweetheart, even if the world revolves around you.

Jodi - it's been a real SOB this time around. it's good to be home.

Susanne - Thanks, I'm working on it.

Rachel said...

No need to go that far indeed! Being as sick as you have been, no need to go tempting death with grand declarations.

Welcome back to bloggyland!

Bob said...

rachel - nope, not taking the risk.

amusing said...

"Lots of family -- super great" -- was that typed through gritted teeth?

My god, you are well-adjusted.

How do I get like that?

And your friend has a girlfriend? You mean he was single for awhile? And you didn't introduce any of us to him? Yeesh!

Feel better, darling man! And Happy New Year!

[Oh, P.S. -- I am intrigued by the statement "where our marriage took off" -- please feel free to elaborate on the how and why in a future post...]

Bob said...

Amusing - no gritted teeth, I really like my in-laws. They're all great people. I guess I'm lucky that way.

well adjusted - HA! if you only knew....