Friday, December 15, 2006

Goin' to the movies

We were watching slides the evening after the funeral. Every so often one of my sisters-in-law would yell at the screen "look who's goin' to the movies!" and the other sisters would laugh. After hearing this two or three times I noticed that this was shouted out whenever someone in the slide was digging their underwear out of their nether regions. Afterwards my wife and I were talking and I asked her what was up with that. She told me that whenever her father would see one of them doing that he would ask, "Are you going to the movies?" There would be a puzzled look or a "no" and he would follow up with "Then why are you picking your seat?".

I wonder if my kids will remember the lessons I've tried to teach them. I didn't have this in my arsenal.

They do, however, remember about pulling my finger.....

2 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed that one about the movies. I need to lighten up and start remembering some of these things. The other day I was relating to my husband how my daughter asked me "why is that girl in a wheelchair?" and he said, "I hope you told her because she didn't listen to her parents!"

Bob said...

I like your hubby's attitude!

although I remember most of the lessens taught me by my parents, there is a fondness for those taught with laughter.