Monday, October 15, 2007

4's meme

in the interest of responding to at least one of the meme's I was tagged for (by the same @#$% blogger, but she's forgiven in the interest of blogger harmony and lower blood pressure) I'll repeat this one (as it's easier than the other!).

Four jobs I've held

a. grocery store general dogsbody/assistant
b. tree & limb general dogsbody/assistant
c. fish camp kitchen assistant
d. farm hand

Four films I could (do) watch over and over
a. Mr. Hulot's Holiday
b. North by Northwest
c. Young Frankenstein
d. Bringing up Baby

Four TV shows I watch
a. My Name Is Earl
b. The Daily Show
c. How It Is Made
d. Holmes on Homes

Four places I've lived
a. Monterey, CA
b. Glen Burnie, MD
c. San Rafael, CA
d. Ocean Springs, MS

Four favorite foods
a. falafel
b. my wife's meatloaf
c. german brotchen
d. peach nehi

Four websites I visit daily
a. earthlink email portal
b. the Houston Chronicle comics page
c. the New York Times
d. The Morning News

Four favorite colors
a. blue
b. depends on what it is and where it is as to what color I would like it to be.

Four places I would love to be right now
a. the beach
b. the mountains
c. on a mission to mars
d. on a cruise on the Nile

Four names I love but wouldn't/couldn't use for your children
a. Brittany Kay
b. Mephistopheles
c. Genevieve
d. butros butros ghali

Four last books you read
a. Tales of Ten Worlds, Arthur C. Clark
b. Lamb, Christopher Moore
c. Mr. Moto's Three Aces, John P. Marquand
d. Going Postal, Terry Pratchett

As per usual, I tag no one, and everyone - who cares to participate.

11 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

liv said...

I was actually hoping you were going to say that you checked my studio's website everyday in case you determined that there was a class that would a) fit into your schedule and b) be worth the 90 min. drive!

Bob said...

liv - BUSTED!!!! yours was the 5th site, and this is a meme of 4's.

I cannot bend like that without serious consequences for me and those around me. it wouldn't be pretty, I promise you.

meno said...

Butros Butros Ghali

Ha ha! His parents must have really liked the name Butros. :)

I like the name Hepzibah myself. That's Em's real name.

Bob said...

meno - oh. mein. gott. with a name like that, no wonder she's an emotional blitzkrieg.

amusing said...

You know, at first I thought peach Nehi was some exotic delicacy from Greece or something, but then I remembered that I like Grape Nehi...

I see you are a fellow Cary Grant fan. I considered putting "North by Northwest" on my list, but also considered adding "Desperately Seeking Susan" or "Jaws" so in a muddle, I just came up with whatever I came up with.

Mr. Moto! That series was published by my former place of business -- I could have sent you all of the books as publicity copies! Dang!

So, I'll take you on a tour of Scotland, if you let me tag along on the Nile, 'kay?

AND -- about the meme(s) -- I knew you were putting off the Earth Meme one (and may I remind you that while bloggers are certainly welcome to tackle Scott's vicious five, I dropped the requirement to only one or two!) and so I simply tossed this one your way in the meantime. November and NaBloPoMo is far, far away.

Bob said...

amusing - deal! scotland for egypt.

I'll consider doing one of the earth meme's between now and then, I plan on doing all 5, but then again after the first I reserve the right to whing off.

Maggie said...

for heaven's sake how did I forget Bringing Up Baby? Excellent choice.

Butros Butros Ghali - lol

Bob said...

maggie - or monkey business, or father goose, or suspicion, or philadelphia story, or......

heartinsanfrancisco said...

If I hadn't lived in the South, I wouldn't know what a fish camp is.

I think that Mephistopheles is a smashing name for a child. And he would be the only one in his class with 43 Jennifers and 29 Jasons.

Bob said...

Hearts - I was curious when I listed it if anyone would ask what it was.

Mephistopheles would probably be a phil, but still - not many of those either.

Lee said...


BBG for short.