Tuesday, July 17, 2007

little black cloud........

"gloom, despair, agony on me.
deep, dark depression, excessive misery
if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.
gloom, despair, agony on me."

crappy week so far, hopin' for better.

27 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Yeah, can you believe it's only Tuesday?

On the upside, I guess there's a really good chance it will get better.

Hope yours does.

Anonymous said...

PS. if you and Laura are ever in NE, you are welcome to visit any time (can't promise a bbq and a swim, as those are seasonal). I know CT has a reputation as a state that's just in the way of where you want to go, but everybody needs a rest stop once in a while.

meno said...

At times like this, only a Monty Python quote will do.
"I sentence you to hang by the neck until you cheer up!"

jaded said...

It must be despair if your quoting the noxious lyric wisdom of Buck Owens and Roy Clark.

Might I recommend a tip of of the white lightning jug or perhaps fifteen minutes of Saturday Night Live for mindless enjoyment?

Bob said...

De - seems like it aught to be Friday by now!

bbq is a YEAR-ROUND hobby if you're serious about it.

I have always wanted to tour new england, so don't be surprised if one day I show up with waterwings and a bib......

Meno - blessed are the cheese-makers.
help, help - I'm being repressed. come see the violence inherent in the system.
she turned me into a newt. I got better.

patches - don't forget the sage grandpa jones. what's for supper, grandpa?

my granddaddy used to sell sugar to a moonshiner. he used to get a little "present" every so often. he kept a jug surreptitiously stashed under the counter for special occasions.

knock, knock. Land shark.
Jane, you ignorant slut.
whats all this I hear about crustaceans hijacking aircraft. who holds their little guns? who ties on their little masks? That's croatians, roseanne. oh - never mind.

thailandchani said...

Yeah. I think that was Roseanne. :)



Bob said...

chani - your instinct to question it was right. It wasn't roseanne, it was Ms. Emily Latella. The arch-nemesis of Jane Curtain.

damn. I can't believe I goofed that. oh well, just one more reflection of my week.

Rachel said...

Hey. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed too. It seems to be pretty prevalent this week. I've read a lot of bloggers lately who are feeling blah.

I wonder if there's some sort of "vapor" going around?

I second sober's suggestion; if you're ever in NE, we can all cry together!

Rachel said...
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amusing said...

I think what you need is a good drag show. Drink a few cosmopolitans. Whoopee!

urban-urchin said...

You better call my ass if you're headed to the tri-state area in the NE. sorry this has been a crappy week- hope it improves by the weekend.

Bob said...

rachel - guys in the south aren't allowed to get the vapors.

you are now on the list of my NE contacts!

amusing - that would be a blast! lets go, the first round's on me.

uu - thanks, and I'll be sure to let your ass, and the rest of you too, know the next time I head that way - you can count on it.

Girlplustwo said...

summer sometimes brings this with it, doesn't she. i hope things get brighter, friend.

Bob said...

jen - that summer is a bitch sometimes!

thanks, I'm sure they will soon.

katrice said...

I can't believe someone besides me remembers that song! I'm so sorry.

Mother of Invention said...

Well, I'm late and it's Friday, so things should be lookin' up! Hope so!
Hey, do you have a great recipe for Cornbread?!! After all, it is your title! Do you eat it warm with maple syrup or just butter?

Bob said...

Katrice - I'm so sorry you remember it too! (Showing my age here...)

MoI - I am starting a weekend's worth of work this morning, so check back after the weekend.

We fry cornbread here (as apposed to pan cornbread) and put butter on it. I'll check with Laura on the recipe.

p.s. - no one in the south would put maple syrup on cornbread. (although my daughter has been known to adulterate hers with honey!)

Rowan said...

I think my grumpiness is contagious. Stop reading my blog this minute, its doing you no good at all!

Mother of Invention said...

I thought not..maple syrup is so Canadian! But it's REALLY good. We go to this pioneer Schoolhouse reastaurant that serves spoonbread made of cornmeal, probably fried, as a sidedish. Hardly anyone eats it but I love it even with just butter and just want to collect it all for my next breakfast with maple syrup!

Bob said...

rowan - so YOU started this!

MoI - what is the thing with canadians and putting maple syrup on everything?

Rachel said...

Hey, you haven't been posting much lately. Hope things are getting better for you.

Warm wishes,

Bob said...

rachel - sorry for the dirth of posts, I've been working on a HUGE project at work for the past few weeks that was installed this past weekend during a marathon 24 hour session. I'm still recovering.

Thanks for checkin' on me.

Lex said...

Oh, no. I hope things turn around for you quickly.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Here is a quote from my late father-in-law, the Western swing bandleader:

"Why, I'd bet you'd complain if you was hung by a new rope."

I hope things get better soon.

Robin said...

hope things are going better...and i think it sucks that i immediately knew what that song was and where it came from.

now, i got agony on me.

amusing said...

You need a vacation. Or a comfy hammock.

Bob said...

Lex - thanks.

hearts - you know, I think I would!

robin - you aren't alone there. others have fessed up to knowing it.

amusing - I need one of those temperate islands where there's nothing but sea, sand, sun, and alcohol. and lots of books. I tend to fall out of hammocks, so maybe just a beach blanket.