Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am home!!!!!!!!!

It felt a little surreal, leaving the airport after that 15 hour flight and trek through customs, seeing trees, pine needles, orderly traffic (well, as orderly as traffic in the ATL gets - which is NOTHING compared to the rally island traffic is) and wet ground (it had rained earlier). I am still a bit jet-lagged and i have A FRICKIN' COLD. ARGH. Even still, I am SO happy to be home.

I am getting used to normal workdays, fighting the cats for my supper, and being able to reach out and touch Laura whenever I want to. In some ways I didn't realize how much I missed her, in others I was never in any doubt. Going to the store, deciding how to deal with the car that won't start, helping to cook supper, all the little things we do for each other I am constantly being reminded of now that I'm home and she is next to me on the couch again. It was a good thing I had 80+ hour work weeks while gone, I don't know how else I could have dealt with being away from Laura for so long without all of my time being so thoroughly occupied.

Before I left Bahrain and disappeared from blogland Liv tagged me for a twist on the 7-things meme.

  • Sloth - I do have a tendency to procrastinate, and have been known to do things at the last minute. Critical items are completed but it will take a while sometimes to complete the hit list.
  • Lust - I defer to President Carter, I have lusted in my heart - only - and as such those instances go with me to the grave. There have been one or two temptations but I have not acted upon them. Should I meet any of you in person that tally may increase.
  • Gluttony - pretty much only in the literal sense of the word - I CANNOT walk away from a buffet without having tasted of everything. In a wider sense of the word, I have an almost insatiable appetite to travel without the means to do so. I take my opportunities as I get them.
  • Anger - They say that depression is suppressed anger. In that case, I must have a mountain of it! These days I do not get really angry any more, at least to the point where I explode. I try to maintain an even keel and have only the occasional flare-up. However, if I am to achieve my goal of being a crotchety old man I have some cutting loose to do.
  • Vanity - I was extremely self-conscious as a teenager - who isn't? - but these days I could pretty much care less. I never did fancy myself as attractive nor did I preen. Today I like to dress for the occasion and will feel uncomfortable if I miss the mark for the occasion, but that is mild and I get over it. My best friend likes to tell people about the time in college when I wore a suit to metals class and although I spent the hour turning a knurled key holder on a metal lathe I didn't get a spot on my clothes. Those days are long gone.
  • Greed - I wish I had more money - again, who doesn't - but only so I could do the things I want (travel, financial peace of mind). I don't want a lot of money, a big house, a fancy car (but would love to drive one once in a while!) or the headaches that come with them. I have accepted where I am and what I have and don't want the greener grass (it is often gained with liberal applications of manure).
  • Envy - like above, I don't really want much so I don't have much to be envious of. I guess if I had to pick something, I am envious of those who have the financial freedom to do what they want when they want.
I hope I have been honest with myself (and you too) in the writing of this list - I think I have. We all have a certain degree of fiction we tell ourselves so that we will be happy with who we are. I know that I could be a better person and I can hope for the day when I have the wisdom and ability to get there. Until then, this list will have to do.

In any case, feel free to correct me on the list above, my rose-colored glasses may be a shade or two too dark for me to see myself clearly.

9 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Liv said...

WELCOME HOME!!!! (can you hear me? that was shouting?)

thanks for playing along in the navel gazing game. somehow i don't imagine you being to sloth-y.

Liv said...

or too slothy...geez...

Mir said...

Welcome back!! Am glad to hear you're safe and sound with your honey. :)

meno said...

Welcome home (she added to the chorus!)

Love your answer to lust, 'cause we are all SO hot. Well, at least liv is. :)

amusing said...

you caught a cold. Isn't that good for anything? Doesn't that mean you get to stay at home in bed and Laura gets to bring you chicken noodle soup and some good loving? There must be recovery time, I say!
See? Now i've got it and it's just a matter of time before your co-workers get it too!
Stay home and have some pampering!

Lee said...

Glad you're back, safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

glad you are back safely.

Lynnea said...

I'll bet Laura is overjoyed to have you home too. Venturing out is never so wonderful as returning home.

Bob said...

Liv - yes, I heard you way over here! You're a sweetheart.

Mir - thanks!

Meno - ALL! Remember, I've seen your legs.

Amusing - Laura has a cold too, so it would have to be dual pampering.

Lee - Thank you!

De - I am happy to be back where there's green and green and green....

Maggie - Laura seems to like me being around, surprise surprise! Leaving is full of anticipation of adventure, returning is full of longing for the familiar. Returning does tend to beat out leaving, doesn't it.