Sunday, December 02, 2007

take a picture of my bear!

This is the (silent) owner of the bear.

Today was the start of the week. Worked all day on this and that, broke camp at 6:30 and headed for the villa. Tonight was italian. Most of the restaurants around here have entertainment, a singer who plays either the piano or the guitar accompanied by a beat box or better. Usually pretty good, and usually Fillipino.

Today we had a ground breaking for a major project to improve the waste treatment facility. They had tables set up that displayed the plans for the project, with refreshments. Several people took turns turning a shovel full of rock (broken up previously with a backhoe-mounted jack hammer). All major projects get at least his level of ceremony. When they broke ground for a new building here, they sacrificed 3 sheep. They were then cooked and served to everyone at a feast. I'm glad this didn't rate that level of ceremony.

4 days and a wake-up.


4 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Mother of Invention said...

The bear and the owner are very sweet. Bet it made your day! Only a few more days to see the ocean!

meno said...

It's a good thing that bear doesn't have a windpipe to crush!

amusing said...

oh my god! Is that a webkin? Have webkins invaded Bahrain too? Save us!

Liv said...

almost time to come home. awesome.