Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A foggy day, in London town...

....meaning it's the same-old, same-old around here.

I have these pain pills I take before I go to bed so my shoulder won't wake me up with the impulse to cut it off immediately. The pain of the amputation would both distract me from the pain in my shoulder and it at least would go away eventually. In the moments between when the meds take affect and when I drift off to sleep I write these wildly elaborate blog posts in my head, meandering from topic to topic that are so clearly within everyone's experience that I would garner many comments regaling me on my observations and my profound way of summing up everyman's life experience in such a succinct way.

And the next day you are subjected to this. dreck.

Nothing much is happening around here. All we lack getting ready for our trip to Paris next month are purchasing some cheap sunglasses that, should they be lost, won't be missed. Laura is still working on her french, she is loath to be in the same situation as last year in Versailles - having TO GO really badly and not understanding the french directions to the loo in the back forty somewhere or another. Euros were purchased last month, not in time to get ahead of the tanking dollar, but ahead of this month's tank. We bought a street map Sunday and are finalizing our itinerary. We are staying in Montmartre and going hither and yon on the metro.

As for my shoulder, I moved my next appointment up to this Friday as the cortisone might as well have been water for all of the good it did. We will see.

15 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I find that I keep track of the expensive sunglasses much better.

Hope you get some relief before that trip. I CAN'T wait until I finally get to Paris.

meno said...

I echo de about the expensive sunglassses.

Your shoulder sounds really sucky.

I always come up with brilliant (really!) posts in the shower, then i can't remember them. Bah!

Lynnea said...

i too write awesome posts in my head at night. especially if I've been downing the nyquil. which as you know, i am like a crack addict for when i have a cold. those stupendous floaty posts never make it to blog though. sigh.

Paris is my dream town to one day visit. I drool.

Anonymous said...

i am getting some extensive tattooing on thursday, so send me some pills please. ;)

Susanne said...

I hope your shoulder (well, and you) will be feeling better soon. I'm writing brilliant and extensive blog posts in my head all the time and by the time I get around to actually write them on the computer they feel stale and old.

All the people in Paris speak English nowadays, by the way. They#re really hard to understand but they will switch to English whenever addressed by somebody with a non-French accent. At least they did that with me last summer.

Glamourpuss said...

1. Weirdly, it is actually foggy here in London today.
2. You're off to Paris? How lovely.


Bob said...

De - I tend to lose them, the pair I kept the longest (10 years) cost $14.00. go figure.

meno - I will consider the 'spensive shades.

maggie - me too with the nyquil. Laura came back last year so hyped that we HAD to go together. (we weren't EVEN considering vacations like this when our kids were toddlers. small kids=no money!)

Franki - details, please! you will, of course, show pictures?

Susanne - that is good to know, but Laura really did have a close call in the Palace at Versailles when one bathroom was closed and she couldn't understand the directions (in french) she was given to find the next closest one.

Puss - HAH! score one for coincidence.

Paris in May. Can't wait.

JCK said...

Too funny on the blog posts writing in your head. I do the same thing. Do you think it's like when you're high and thinking that you are the smartest friggin' person on the planet and then the next morning you would like to hide?

I am SO jealous of your trip to France. That sounds divine. So great that you and Laura get to take this trip together.

Hope the shoulder improves radically before the trip. We need your keyboard fingers to be spry.

Bob said...

jck - oh, yeah. I'm much funnier when in an altered state.

as for spry keyboard fingers - my boss hopes the same thing.

Jocelyn said...

I'm extremely excited for you--and your bettered chances at finding the loo.

I write blog posts the same way...

Anonymous said...

that streisand picture killed me! thanks for the laugh this morning!

Unknown said...

Have you considered acupuncture for your shoulder? It might be a big help.

Bob said...

jocelyn - two weeks and counting!

Franki - you're welcome.

seventh sister - I had not thought about acupuncture. I will consider it. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Laura should give you a pair of sunglasses and tell you she spent a small fortune on them.

You should get her a pair of sunglasses and tell her they are Chanel or some other bloody expensive brand.

Voila! Expensive sunglasses at a fraction of the cost and the experiment is underway!

Tres bien!

Bob said...

Daisy - I'll try to forget this advice so I can then think my new sunglasses are expensive.......