Monday, November 12, 2007

day 12

Today's walk discoveries: The Egyptian embassy and the Charter Council for Action. Action for what? Oh, and there was the specific institution for training in hospitality.

I haven't been able to find out much more about the tents thing, except now here's a picture for you. It was suggested to me that this is kind of a "back to their roots" thing, back to their bedouin past. In any case, it begins around this time of year and lasts until spring. Last night as we were going home we saw a kid playing with an RC car and we also saw a few campfires.

Light post today, mucho work to do, not much else happening. Das Vedanio.

3 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

liv said...

Does it make you want to go pitch a tent??

JCK said...

Hey, just checking in after a while. Great to read all your posts and catch up! This is working out really well to be doing NaBloPoMo while you are there. At least YOUR posts are interesting! LOL

We have a lot of dust/dirt here in Southern California, too. It is nutty. Gets everywhere.

The tent tradition is really intriguing. Keep writing about it, if you can.

Great idea to take your walks. That is how you are going to experience the place. Good luck driving, yikes!

Anonymous said...

i just couldn't imagine how they went about their daily lives - going to work, school, the market - whilst living in a tent. But I think it's because I'm relating their daily lives too much to my own.

Thanks for the picture.