Thursday, November 08, 2007

day 8

I remembered to take my camera with me on my morning walk today. I hadn't seen animals or even pets since I'd been here - until I started walking in the mornings. I've only seen one stray dog, I see several people walking their dogs, and I see a handful of stray cats. This guy just happened to turn his head just as I took the picture - he had been watching something across the street. He certainly looks well fed.

I am extending my trip. There's been a series of technical glitches loading the system software and really I needed a few weeks to learn how they do things here. Laura took it pretty hard, she's had a bit of a rough time as we've had a series of problems one after another since I left. Remembering how I felt when she was in Europe with her sisters this past spring I know how she feels. I've said before that it was different for the one staying home vs. the one away. I am busy all day long. I get up, walk (the slowest part of my day) get ready and go to work, work all day, leave in the evening (6:00 PM now - since daylight savings time kicked in we are working an hour later to give us back the few hours we could talk to folks at work in the states.) get back to the apartment just long enough to scrounge dinner (go out usually). Finish supper/return to the apartment, work for about an hour (or - hallelujah, relax watch the TV or B.S.) and go to bed. I am constantly busy so I'm kept from thinking about home much. But several times during the day I find myself wishing I were home, or that Laura were here - I see something I think she'd like or something will make me laugh and I want to share it with her. And I now have to delay that for a few more weeks beyond my original return date. That was a long phone call.

Anyway, work is progressing but is still trying to kick me in the stones, so away to it.

6 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

jen said...

a few more weeks must have been a bitter pill indeed. that, and all your posting about laying around the pool!

you sound good, Bob. Vibrant. i like it.

Anonymous said...

so what are we talking? are you missing Thanksgiving? Christmas?

I hope Laura is OK. I'm sorry you have to be apart.

Maggie said...

I so feel Laura's pain. I wish for her sake you could go back sooner. Work harder you big geek, there's a full 24 hours in a day, what are you doing sleeping?

meno said...

A few more weeks must seem like forever. Poor Laura.

Does that kitty meow in Arabic?

liv said...

Poor Laura. When I had some alone time like that, I remember not being worried about how to manage so much as simply not wanting to manage alone. Do me a favor and remember to tell Laura that you love her and miss her every day. k?

Mother of Invention said...

Sorry about the delay. I hope there are no more delays past your Dec. 6th return date. You just can't miss Christmas. They'd really owe you big time for that.