Wednesday, November 07, 2007

day 7

All but 2 of the US management here are leaving today and tomorrow. One of the remaining two will be leaving Sunday, I believe. I took out a pad and pen and during this morning's commute made copious notes that I am transcribing and will verify during the next trips to and from here. Hoo boy, this is about to get interesting.

During today's walk I found an "English Children's School", and Indian Ayurvedic Medical Clinic, and some kind of Bahraini Governmental Industrial training office.

Just to clear up one minor misconception - there is absolutely no sand here. All of those piles in the pictures are of dirt. This island is a big rock with lots of fine, fine particulate dirt. And dust is everywhere. Think if driving down a dirt road at 30 miles an hour in the backroads during a dry summer - the cloud of dust behind you is what happens here when the wind blows. There are guys who go around to the apartment buildings and a lot of night spots offering to wash your car while you're inside.

Work continues to kick my butt, so I will let this go for now.

Happy Trails.

4 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

Sober Briquette said...

I suspect once you get driving, you will have much less time.

Any plans for the weekend, or do you have to work?

Maggie said...

Bob, I'm really enjoying your trip from way over here. Thanks for sharing. Did I miss it in a post or did you get to have some local food yet?

liv said...

I wish I had something hysterically funny to make you smile, but sadly I got nothing. Unless you would consider loving the fact that an 80 pound dog is now residing in my house.

amusing said...

Cheering you on from stateside!