Saturday, November 17, 2007

day 17

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this is apropos of nothing in particular, I just "ran" across it during one of my daily walks and it struck my funny bone. Not only is this the sewer, it is a foul sewer.

I wish I had more to talk about, but my work is really all-consuming right now. I just updated this week's time sheet and I turned in 89.5 hours. I am skipping sleep to post this.

A bit of minutiae from today - I had Thai food for the first time. A spicy soup for starters that was all about pepper and lime and mint and prawns and lemongrass. major goodness. The main course was duck cooked in a pepper-garlic sauce - more major goodness. I had crepes with mango and ?something? fruit and mango sorbet for afters.

heading for bed, masah alhair to you all.

3 deeply creased, dogeared comment(s):

JCK said...

This photo is really great, Bob. A keeper. Funny, but classic.

You have not helped my continuing to nosh past dinner and now it is 10pm and I am still hungryishness!

Too many hours, man. You go get some sleep!

liv said...

delicious. get recipes and bring them back!!

amusing said...

uh, all that delicious goodness and you are begging after my crappy croissant? Priorities, man! Priorities!

(I had a week like that once -- it was exhilirating in a weird way...)