Friday, November 30, 2007

day 30

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We went downtown to the Gold Souq today, it's near old-town Manama. We were walking down the street and I heard a SLAM! and turned to see these gentlemen playing cutthroat dominoes.

Several of the guys visiting here wanted to buy fake rolexs, and this was the place to get them. As I had no interest in either gold nor knock-off watches I wandered around. There were all kinds of small businesses selling mostly jewelry and knick-knacks (hookahs, table runners, pewter camels, magic boxes (puzzle boxes),etc.) You are expected to dicker, no one pays the price on the label. One of the permanent party guys here likes to go just to haggle. He rarely buys the thing, but he's damned good at getting their best price.

So - as you can see - I got a rare day off. It was nice to wander around a bit. I'm just getting a feel for how the city is laid out. I wish I had some real time off to explore, I think I would love old-town Manama. I've been on an island for almost 5 weeks and haven't been anywhere near the water. Oh well, maybe next time.

7 days and I'm on a plane....

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The Atavist said...

I'm enjoying your adventures and the photos -- thanks. Keep 'em up.

liv said...

then you can start singing, "back in baby's arms"

amusing said...

Ah-HA! So there is water! So where water meets dirt there's.... mud?

JCK said...

Hey Bob! Congrats on completing NaBloPoMo. You've done it. It's been wonderful to hear your adventures over the last month. I'm sure there will be more before the week's up! Not negotiating is akin to bad manners in the Middle East! :)