Sunday, November 18, 2007

day 18

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Tomorrow is my son's birthday. My dad's is a few days after. I was hoping to be able to find some cards and mail them (just how efficient is the royal mail?) but I have not even been anywhere I could find any. I will still look for some and mail them, they'll just have to be late.

I am a bit sad tonight. I was originally scheduled to leave here tomorrow. The guys I came with are all excited about going home, they're packing and in general in a great mood. All of the stuff they were consumed with while here are now not so important - the issues are either dealt with, or plans are laid to solve them. My job is just really starting, it'll take me 3 weeks to climb that hill to the top and take the leap - onto that plane on it's way home. They face 24 to 27 hours of travel ahead before they can hug their wives and start to forget the 18 hour days here. We talked about cooking thanksgiving dinner on the way back from the plant. (I've never heard of pressure-cooking a turkey!) Both of these guys are cooking their birds and are worried that they won't be recovered from the trip to be in shape to do so.

I might to to Ric's american - they are serving turkey thanksgiving. I might go, but it'll be busy as Thursday night here is like Friday night at home - everyone goes out to party and the roads will be wicked-busy. Swanson does a passable turkey and dressing tv dinner.

I really miss my family. I miss you guys too, I don't have time to read my regular blogs, I see maybe one or two a day - on a good day. I hope all is well with you all.

gute nacht.

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liv said...

((hugs)) dumb old work schedule. i'll set you a virtual place at thanksgiving!

meno said...

I am sorry for you and your family that you will be without them on Thanksgiving. :(

Maggie said...

Don't you dare eat Swanson's for thanksgiving. Go to Ric's if you can. Get a proper hot meal. And then when you get home, have a redo with the family. I'm sorry you can't be home. Hang in there.

amusing said...

Oh, don't listen to Maggie (well, the redo is a fun idea).

I have always taken a perverse pleasure in shunning the expected on Thanksgiving. You are right -- Swanson's is respectable. But hey, that Thai food sounded damn good too. Do they deliver?

Mother of Invention said...

You have yourself a good turkey dinner any way you can and think happy turkey thoughts!
(I actually love Swanson's!)
You will appreciate the Christmas Turkey all the more then.

Lydia said...

Great work.